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SoUK·LB – Social Enterprise Hub, an initiative of the British Embassy of Beirut that aspires to strengthen and promote the social enterprise sector by supporting scalable social enterprises that seek to create transformational social or environmental change for the benefit of society. The pilot of this initiative will be implemented by DAI, Alfanar and AltCity Impact.

SoUK·LB pilot aims to demonstrate the viability and potential of the social enterprise model to deliver social and economic impact in Lebanon. It will do this through seed-financing, training and mentorship that will support the development of a pipeline of high impact social enterprises at the idea, early and growth-stages. It will also raise awareness of social enterprises and engage existing ecosystem partners and key stakeholders to develop an impactful social enterprise sector.

Selected applicants will be provided with training, mentorship and grants for finalists (approximately 20,000
USD to 40,000 USD per finalist based on the stage of growth and development). Click here to download
our factsheet.

Your SoUK·LB Journey Starts Here

At what stage is your business right now?

I have an idea or a startup

  • I have an idea for a startup
  • I’m not sure if my startup idea is valid
  • I don’t have customers
  • I still have not built the actual product or a prototype for the product

I have an established organization

  • Our organization has activities that are already generating revenue from market-based products or services
  • Our organization’s current mission is already solving a social challenge and has beneficiaries

SoUK·LB is committed to ensuring and promoting diversity in its activity portfolio.

As such, we encourage applications from all segments of society, especially women and youth.


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UK Embassy

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